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Are There Any Dangers I Should Be Aware of With Landscape Lighting?

Are there any hidden dangers that a homeowner should be aware of when it comes to landscape lighting? Luckily, the dangers that are associated are minimal, as landscape lighting has improved drastically over the years.

Low voltage landscape lighting does potentially have dangers. It has 120 volts of electricity running from the home to the lighting and if the low voltage wiring gets exposed and the weather elements hit the exposed wires, the safety of family members and pets may be at risk. A transformer has to be installed to reduce the voltage power to twelve volts. When the voltage is reduced, the danger lessens if the wiring were to get exposed by the weather. There would be no danger to people or pets with the lower voltage. There is, however, a downside to lowering the voltage; the further away the lighting is from the transformer, the dimmer the lights can be. There are ways that this can be prevented and that is by using heavier cable wires or having a higher transformer. Your family and pets would still all be safe and there would be no danger with the landscape lighting.

LED landscape lighting provides no danger. The LED contains no glass components and are very vulnerable. They are free from any toxic chemicals and are completely recyclable. The LED landscape lighting also provides excellent energy efficiency, use less wire to install, and the lighting attracts less insects to your outdoor space. Mosquitoes are attracted to outdoor lighting, but LED lighting attracts less mosquitoes, which is safer for you, your family, and pets.

The dangers of landscape lighting are minimal. An experienced landscape contractor should know if your landscape lighting will cause any danger to your home, family, and pets. Using different wiring, lowering the voltage or even adding a higher transformer can minimize all the dangers of landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting provides more benefits than danger. The lighting will provide the light that is needed for a safe walk and illuminate your property. Landscape lighting is safe and will create beauty and provide safety to your home.

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