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Get Your FREE Night Time Demonstration – Find Out Exactly How Your Home Can Look

Virginia Outdoor 500We’ll be happy to show you examples as to how we can help you transform your home.  The Free Evening Demo not only allows you to see the effect of the lighting at your own home but also allows you to participate in the design process.  We know the design elements and what the fixtures will do but ultimately it is the homeowner who decides what works best for them.

The demo starts by getting the homeowner’s thoughts and ideas on their specific needs or what they would like to illuminate.  The designer then sets up the appropriate light fixtures based on that initial conversation.  The demo kit consists of a regular 12 volt transformer and 12 to 15 fixtures.  During the demo, low voltage cable is laid on top of the ground so that the fixtures can be easily moved around to try different looks for different effects.  Does a certain tree need one or two fixtures to illuminate it properly?  How far apart should the path lights be spaced?  How many fixtures do I actually need?  All of these questions and more can be answered easily with an evening demo.

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A typical demo starts at dusk, lasts 1 to 1½ hours and ends with you knowing exactly what your lights will look like.