LED Systems

LED Landscape Lighting for Efficiency and Durability

The Cutting Edge: LED Landscape Lighting

The new frontier of low-voltage, outdoor landscape lighting is LED Landscape Lighting.
LED stands for “light emitting diode”.   It’s fairly old technology.  The little round red light on your 1980s alarm clock, or the “alarm on” indicator for your car alarm is an LED.  LEDs were originally used as notification lights in electronics.  But they possess another powerful advantage: they don’t lose their energy to heat so they are tremendously efficient.  LEDs typically consume about 1/4 the power of a halogen fixture.

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LEDs Cost Less to Operate

LEDs use less power so you’ll spend less on your electric bill and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.  And, since you’re using less power, you’ll need a smaller transformer to power your system–more potential savings there.  Instead of using 20,35 or even 50 watt halogen lamps to highlight your home or landscape, we are now able to give the same amount of light output with 4, 8 or 12 watts!

LEDs Will Likely Outlive You

The lifespan of a typical home incandescent bulb might be a year–while the lifespan of LEDs are measured in decades–there is no filament to crack or burn up.  We’ve done LED lighting installations in Richmond, Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Smith Mt. Lake, Charlottesvile, Outer Banks and most of central Virginia.