Charlottesville Lighting Services You Can Count On

A safe and secure home is vital in Charlottesville, Va. Residents want their home to be safe for visitors to walk around the exterior of their home. The residents are also wanting their home to be illuminated at night. Homeowners work hard for their homes to have that special curb appeal for passerby’s and this can be done at night, too. Virginia Outdoor Lighting provides the outdoor lighting for Charlottesville, VA residents. We have been doing outside lighting for homeowners for almost ten years! We have experienced designers and technicians that work together with the homeowners, so we create amazing lighting that will take your breath away.

Your Lighting Specialists For:

  • Landscape
  • Outdoor
  • Holiday

We have a service to meet all homeowner’s needs in Charlottesville. We custom design our lighting services for your specific needs. We continuously educate ourselves, so we can offer the highest quality of lighting services available.

Additional Information

Charlottesville, Virginia has a population of around 119,000. Two United States Presidents called Charlottesville, Virginia home, which were Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Charlottesville is one of the oldest cities in Virginia, and with this comes a deep, rich history. Homes around Charlottesville are a traditional, southern appeal.

Places that are highlights of the city include the Thomas Jefferson plantation manor, the Robert E. Lee statue and the Virginia Discover Museum. Downtown Charlottesville features the old town appeal and feel. The downtown mall is a favorite spot for visitors and residents. Unique shopping and dining is available. There is always something to do in this quaint, but charming town.

Virginia Outdoor Lighting wants to keep that quaint, southern charm that the homes feature in Charlottesville, Virginia by adding outdoor lighting that will showcase and illuminate landscaping and the homes features. We provide a custom design for each home. Ten years of dedication has been provided for Charlottesville residents. Call us today and let us design your outdoor lighting.

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